【new】MOSKY AUDIO Micro Pedal WHITE Obsessive OVERDRIVE(Fulltone OCD)


本モデルはFulltone OCDをモチーフにしたエフェクトペダルです。



"Based on Fulltone OCD,--Features:
Drive, Volume, & Tone Controls: pretty standard fare one most overdrives for letting you dial in the gain, adjust the output volume, and find just the right tonal balance.
HP/LP Switch: The High-Peak function gives you increased distortion and low-end, thickening up your sound for a more “British” flavor. The Low-Peak mode gives you a more accurate rendition of your sound with very little coloration of your tone
9-Volt or 18-Volt Power: Use a standard 9-volt adapter or plug in an 18-volt power supply for even more headroom.
True Bypass Switching: This comes via Fulltone’s very own custom 3PDT footswitch which they swear is the best in the world."

販売価格 3,053円(税込)